What We Do

We partner with social media influencers and other digitally enabled brands to build their very own high end coffee and fragrance brands.

At Akira Coffee Co we source responsible, ethical, and sustainable coffees, teas, soy wax, and other products in order to bring the best possible quality products we can. Our first brands originally started as a side project but now this is all we do. Akira Coffee Co was founded in 2019 to better serve our brands, customers, and world we're in.

Feya Candles joined the Akira family in 2020 to add an amazing capability of creating high-quality natural candles and soaps.

Our passion sets us apart

Passion for Quality

By focusing on specialty grade coffees and ensuring an ethical supply chain, we're able to bring high quality beverages to people who may not otherwise get to experience the best these products can be.

We constantly hear feedback from our customers like "This is the only coffee I can drink black." Even when our customers don't know the ins and outs of specialty grade coffee, they can tell something is different when they taste it.

We order the best ingredients we can and handle them the best way we know how resulting is the richest flavors that leave a mark.

Where we can, we also source products from small and independent businesses, creators, and artists.

Passion to Do More Good

Our founder, David Sievers, believes that capitalism can be a force for good in the world if leaders focus on answering to more than just shareholder interest. "With only a slight change to a company's purpose from wall street values to main street values, we can use companies to be part of solving the problems in the world instead of being part of them."

One way we do this is through our partnership with The Feya Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to offset hunger and inequality by connecting people and resources. Some of our brands donate one meal for every order we sell and Akira Coffee employees volunteer in helping package the meals.

"The influencers bring their audience, and we bring the business."

Complete Operational Partner

When we partner with a digital brand, we're looking for a partner who can bring an audience to something they are passionate about (coffee!). From there, we build the complete business with them from branding, product development, operations, marketing, and fulfillment. At Akira, we don't just setup a website and hope the partner generates some orders, we actively participate in growing the brand over the long term.

We are truly a full-service Ecommerce company also managing social platforms for each brand, providing superior customer support and genuine interaction with each influencer's audience.

Organic Sales Model

Our brands are based on real connections that come from deep fandom. When an influencer brings their audience to the brand we create with them, we have a responsibility to live up to the reputation and connection the creator has built with their audience over many years. When we do that, our coffee brands develop uniquely strong connections and engagement turning an audience into customers, into fans. Our brands succeed primarily based on organic traffic and real long term fans of what we're doing.

If you want a glimpse of our history see the timeline below

Dodger Coffee Co

September 2017

Carlin Brothers Coffee

September 2018

Akira Coffee Co Founded

April 2019

Non-Profit Partnership

September 2019

My Favorite Coffee

October 2019

Feya Candles

Acquired 2020

Lilith Ascendant

May 2020

We are always interested in developing a new brand, bringing on new partners, or discussing the next big idea.

What are you waiting for?